Olive Groves

Turkey being the fourth largest producer of olive oil in the world also happens to be the fifth country in the world to consume it as well. Why do we take this marvelous liquid for granted? The truth behind olive oil is that it literally illuminated our world, gave us hope and carried us forward. Before olive oil was edible in the Ionian Era, for arficial light we used olive and it’s oil as the main source. This was no different in the Roman Era, olive trees and oil was considered the most precious commodity. Even so that an olive grove owner was exempted from military service. Moreover, it was accepted as common currency and everyone was even able to pay their taxes with it as well.

Olive Oil Mill

Ancient Olive oil mill

However this marvelous fruit was still not edible and the Romans used it for personal hygiene among many other things.

The olive tree in this region of the world has a life span of400 years, however older trees can also be found in the area.

Turkish Cuisine as well as Europeans use Olive oil vigorously nearly on a daily basis. The entire Anatolian region uses it in large quantities. Olive oil is consumed with every meal of the day, to learn more about it check out this link


While you are in the region a must see museum in Kuşadası called Oleatrium, taking you back to a journey of 2500 years. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us either.