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Çatalhöyük (30 miles southeast of Konya in Turkey) is widely accepted as being the world’s oldest village or town. Established around 7500 B.C. , it covered 32 acres and was home to between 3000 to 8000 people. Because of the way of the houses are packed so closely together it is hard to dispute it as being anything other than a village or town.


The excavation town itself has been founded by James Mallard in the 1950s and the excavation process started in the 1960s. As a result Çatalhöyük is widely accepted as one of the most advanced cultures of Neolithic period.

One of the most characteristic and interesting part of Çatalhöyük is that there are no communal structures, but it is rather composed of domestic buildings. Çatalhöyük believed to have hosted up to 10.000 inhabitants at peak periods. No roads, pathways were built in Çatalhöyük rather a honeycomb looking structure of dwellings that also offered their roofs as the main place of socialization as well as work space for the populace. Entrances to the dwellings were also from their roofs which also allowed as the only source of Ventilation.

Çatalhöyük, produced many kinds of local goods and goods from elsewhere. Most importantly there is also evidence of an irrigation system previously thought to have originated in Mesopotamia over a thousand years later.


If you have not considered visiting this region we strongly recommend taking the time and revealing the mysteries that this Neolithic town has to offer.

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