At 4reasons hotel+bistro and bistro4, our priority is to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our guests, employees and those around us.

In order to maintain a relaxed, comfortable and healthy holiday environment, we regularly apply the following measures, which are very important not only for our guests, but also for the safety of us, at the highest level.

Our only expectation from you is to enjoy the holiday you deserve and respect the following additional measures brought by the new normalization process!


We continue social distancing with no compromise, even though 4reasons hotel+bistro is already spread out over a very large area with its gardens and open, generous  common spaces, which translates to a very high guest/area ratio.

Our team lives within the hotel and this gives us a great advantage in terms of protecting ourselves, and therefore you.

We regularly disinfect all social areas, rooms and suites, and maintain our hotel at the highest level in order to make your stay enjoyable and safe.

In our team, we have a licensed occupational health and safety expert biologist who coordinates hygiene, disinfection and other Covid-19 precautionary practices.

Since 2003, we continue to use products that we grow in our own garden, that we know produced naturally, or that we supply from brands that we are sure of their health quality standards.

Throughout the food supply chain, where we attach great importance to its safety, we follow the hygiene rules, from the purchase of all ingredients to presenting healthy as well as delicious dishes to our guests.

We offer a wide range of open spaces for breakfast and meals, including poolside, bistro4, Terrace Bar, and even our garden areas, which we organize in accordance with social distancing rules. We serve our guests Turkish spread breakfast with great pleasure.

We coordinate regular health checks for our friendly and qualified staff, many of whom we have been working with for many years. Our team, whose motivation is always high, uses masks at work, and each team member has already received hygiene training.

All our rooms and suites have individual split air conditioning systems that are periodically maintained and cleaned.

Detailed Covid-19 Policy

In order to comply with social distancing and to minimize the time spent at the welcoming area, we strongly recommended that you use our online check-in service and complete your payments before entering the hotel , so that you can settle in your rooms quickly.

It is strongly advised that our commitments and accommodation forms, which are specially prepared to protect the health of all of us, to be filled in by our guests before entering the hotel.

Detailed information about online check-in procedures will be sent to you via e-mail after booking.

Our guests will receive a welcome package with a mask and hand sanitizer and an information document regarding our health measures.

Your room keys will be disinfected before your arrival and will be presented to you at the reception when you arrive at the hotel.

The body temperature of each guest will be measured at the entrance of the hotel.   An isolation room is available, for an an unlikely case, if we are required to monitor the health of one of our guests.  

In the common areas within the hotel, the social distance rule must be followed for the health of all of us.

Liquid disinfectants are available for our hotel guests in all common areas.

In all our rooms and suites, hygienic materials with disinfectant properties are available for our guests.  

Our rooms and suites will be cleaned only at the request of our guests instead of daily cleaning due to Covid-19 measures. Please kindly inform the reception should you request a clean up, during the day. 

To ensure permanent hygiene in our rooms and suites after each stay, with the guidance of the Ministry of Health, disinfection with Nano Silver Ion Technology (ULV) is applied.   Also, all indoor areas of our hotel are regularly sanitized every 15 days with this disinfectant.  Its activation increases thousands of times with its reduction to one millionth of a millimeter size.  It is not harmful to health, it is 100% herbal, vegan and environmentally friendly, it has long-term effectiveness, and it has both antibacterial and antiviral properties. 

All our employees have regular health checks and they use masks during work.

All our employees are provided with health and hygiene training within the scope of Covid-19 , coordinated by a valued member of our team, who is a biologist, occupational safety and hygiene specialist.

In case of your request, our teammates who will help you with your luggage, will serve you with disposable gloves in accordance with the hygiene rules.

All cleaning and protective materials used in our hotel are TSE certified hygienic and disinfectant products. The measures taken were prepared taking into account the circular of the Ministry of Health and the hygiene policy of our hotel.

All of our common areas including poolside, bistro4, Terrace Bar, yoga area and gardens are arranged in accordance with social distance rules for our guests to have a pleasant and safe time with peace of mind. In order to maintain social distance in our large, spacious breakfast, dining and lounge areas, the distances between seating groups have been increased.

At the poolside, bistro4 and Terrace Bar areas, during breakfast and meals, tables and chairs are disinfected after each use.

Cleaning practices of 4reasons hotel and bistro4 by 4reasons materials are made with high disinfection products or by applying high heat.

After our kitchen team disinfects their hands, they start their kitchen activities in order to provide you with full service with aprons, masks, gloves and face visors.  

Throughout the food supply safety chain, from the provision of all ingredients to the presentation to our guests, following the hygiene rules, we supply healthy and delicious food.

Our service team also serves you with gloves, mask and transparent visor.

All massage therapy equipment are disinfected after each session. Our therapists carry out an intensive hand washing procedure with soap, water and disinfectant.

Bocce balls, billiards and chess pieces are disinfected after each use and protected at the bar for your service. After use, please ask us for help with the return process.

Our experienced and reliable room cleaning team works with masks and disposable gloves for each room.

Our linens, covers and sheets are washed and dried in high heat.

You can contact us directly for information about all measures and applications.

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