News Flash: The 4reasons and Its Aura

Below are the news about 4reasons Hotel, Yalikavak-Bodrum and the surrounding area. The news in this area could be an excerpt of a story about our hotel, a cultural event in Bodrum, or a field trip to one of the ancient sites. Basically we aim to fill you in on what is happening in our world. Enjoy! is one of the most well known online booking agencies operating all around the world. They facilitate hotel’s booking when you are new to the region and or have little information about the hotels around. The cycle for reviews as described by them are “It starts with a booking, […]

Carian Kingdom: A reflection through the ages. Western Anatolia has seen its fair share in ancient civilizations dating all the way from Neolithic Times to Iron Age. One may even argue that the birthplace of civilization is from Anatolian region.   Carians, living in this old rather rich part of […]

Turkey being the fourth largest producer of olive oil in the world also happens to be the fifth country in the world to consume it as well. Why do we take this marvelous liquid for granted? The truth behind olive oil is that it literally illuminated our world, gave us […]


Bodrum; 4reasons hotel+bistro by Hip Hotels

4reasons hotel+bistro by Hip Hotels from 4reasons hotel+bistro on Vimeo.

Located in the ever so popular town of Yalıkavak. Being separated just enough from the town center, 4reasons hotel+bistro offers a unique position overlooking the ever so blue Aegean sea. With only twenty rooms and four different types this chic boutique hotel will meet all of your needs and more. We are overjoyed to be a part of the elite selection of Hip Hotels.


The mysteries of Çatalhöyük – Oldest Settlement in the World

Morgan Freeman, Konya Çatalhöyük'te- İlk çiftçiler ilk inananlar mıydı from 4reasons hotel+bistro on Vimeo.

Çatalhöyük (30 miles southeast of Konya in Turkey) is widely accepted as being the world’s oldest village or town. Established around 7500 B.C. , it covered 32 acres and was home to between 3000 to 8000 people. Because of the way of the houses are packed so closely together it […]

A new yearly tradition started by Xuma Beach Club in 2015, Chill-Out Festival Bodrum 2016 will be held on 23-24 July of 2016. Music lovers are expected a total of 24 hours music program over two days in a nestled and serene location that Xuma Beach Club offers. Keep checking […]

If you are heading to Bodrum, Turkey, here are some smart tips to make your stay a lot more enjoyable. Knowing a Little Turkish will Go a Very , Very Long Way Not many people speak English in Turkey. But the good news is, Turkish isn’t hard to learn—the letters are […]