The Bistro: Turkish Cuisine Reinvented

Turkish Cuisine Reinvented at 4reasons Bistro*; Local, Fresh, Aegean

Celebrated as one of the finest restaurants in Yalikavak-Bodrum, the 4reasons Bistro serves a selection of local, fresh and innovative Aegean Turkish cuisine. The breathtaking view of the blue Aegean Sea beyond the hills of Yalikavak, and amazing sunsets are the routine background for our cozy bistro. The owner, Esra Akin and our chef experiment, invent, and proudly offer  Aegean Turkish cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with locality, freshness and balance of taste being top priorities.  Creative Aegean Turkish mezzes and tapas, local seafood, as well as traditional vegetable and meat combinations are in the heart of the 4reasons Bistro’s menu. To reserve, please call +90 (252) 385 3212 or email us.


Terrace Bar

The Terrace Bar, overlooking the Yalikavak bay, is the best spot to take in the sunset and to sample creative cocktails prepared by our sunset specialist before embarking on your Aegean Turkish dinner adventure. 4reasons Bistro comfortably sits 50 guests in an intensely serene environment.

4reasons bistro’s selective wine list includes local and international brands as a perfect complement to our creative menu. Also, not to be overlooked is our traditional Turkish raki options. Turkish mezzes, seafood as well as other main courses, such as vegetable and meat combinations with experimental touches are served based on the daily availability and freshness of  ingredients.  Vegetarians and kids can also appreciate our Turkish cuisine that can be customized, when possible, for the various palates.

So, if the words “Turkish cuisine” still conjure up images of portly mustachioed men hacking away at huge wheels of sweaty lamb… Then we think it might be time to pay a visit to 4reasons Bistro, Yalikavak-Bodrum. To reserve, please call +90 (252) 385 3212 or email us.

* We like to explain our cookery as a “bistro,” because this definition fits to our vibrant style of cooking that involves using fresh and local ingredients to produce delicious and nutritional recipes to serve in an laid-back and unpretentious setting.