Things to Do in Bodrum, Yalikavak and Beyond

4reasons hotel+bistro is conveniently settled near to many historical, ancient and cultural site as well as many activities ranging from water sports to local experiences like hamam visits or strolls in fruit markets.

There are truly many things to do in Bodrum, Yalikavak and beyond. Below is our advice on things to do in Yalikavak-Bodrum and beyond; on history, culture, sports and entertainment. Just contact us to start your cultural adventure in Yalikavak-Bodrum, Turkey.

Discover Yalikavak

Nestled on the Western side of Bodrum peninsula, 4reasonshotel+bistro is located in Yalikavak, a small, charming town, surrounded by hills and beaches. Yalikavak has lately become the meeting point of cultured travellers, sailors, artists, and bohemians from all around the world.

Well known for its breathtaking sunsets, and charming windmills, Yalikavak offers a great local experience for travellers.  Every Tuesday and Thursday the local market of Yalikavak, the most colourful fair of the area,  brings farmers and artisans together. It is a great experience not to be missed.  As a close venue, Sandima is a deserted, 600 year old village, situated in a bowl at the base of a ring of barren hills. It is accessible by car but makes for a very pleasant walk.

Stroll around Bodrum City

Castle of St. Peter is a must-see in Bodrum City. A dedicated Museum of Underwater Archeology, also inside this spectacular structure, captivates its visitors.  Just a 15 minute walk from the castle along the harbour, are the ruins of the once magnificent Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  The old city walls, Myndos Gate and the ancient amphitheatre are the other main highlights.

Only 18 km from the 4reasons, Bodrum (ancient Halicarnassus) offers a fascinating medley of exciting sights, tastes and aromas. This charming coastal town with 3,000 years of history, is  also the entertainment and culture capital of the Southern Aegean. Shopping at charming boutique shops, dining at colourful restaurants, watching live performances and attending festivals are some of the many options for cultured travellers visiting Bodrum.

Savour Ephesus and Selcuk

Ephesus is one of the oldest, largest and best-preserved ancient cities in the world. It is a must day trip. This vast open-air museum will take three or four hours to visit. Magnificent Ephesus was the most important commercial port in the Mediterranean region, with a population of about 300,000. It was the provincial capital of Rome, and housed the Temple of Artemis which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Selcuk, is one of the most visited touristic destinations within Turkey, known for its closeness to the ancient city of Ephesus, House of the Virgin Mary and Seljuk works of art. The old quarter of Selcuk retains much traditional Turkish culture.

Indulge in Blue Cruise

Blue cruises are special Gulet cruises and accommodations along the southern coast of Turkey.  Providing holidays for those who wish to enjoy the stunning coastline, relax in the splendour of nature and history, and savour excellent fresh cuisine, Gulets are ideal for couples, friends and families to share, or groups.

A wide range of Gulets are available in various sizes with diverse tours ranging from daily to weekly, are offered by experienced companies to suit every need and every budget. Please contact us before your arrival if you require assistance for the arrangement of Bodrum Gokova Gulet cruises or yacht charters, before or after your stay at 4reasons Hotel.

Stratonikeia Amphitheatre, 2,200 Years of Age...


The magnificent Stratonikeia was one of the most important towns in the interior of Caria.  Located in the present village of Eskihisar, a village that had thrived not so long ago among the ancient walls shows us that human societies go on regardless. Stratonikeia was founded in the early 3rd century BC in the aftermath of Alexander the Great’s death. There is very much to see and to tell of those times in this hidden treasure of the ancient cities that embodies a combination of man-made monumental grandeur and nature’s subtle and random prettiness like none other. Only one and a half hours away from Yalikavak, this beautiful site is a must see.

Pamukkale and Hierapolis

Pamukkale (`cotton castle’ in Turkish) is in the province of Denizli. It is characterized by its unique, sparkling white travertine formations. In mythology, it is said that the Titans spread their clothes here to dry. The scenery is truly magical and worth a visit. This area is also home to the ancient city of Hierapolis. Hierapolis (Ancient Greek: “Holy City”) was located on hot springs in classical Phrygia in southwestern Anatolia. Its ruins are near modern Pamukkale in Turkey and currently house an archaeological museum designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dalyan and Kaunos

Dalyan makes an excellent base for exploring the surrounding fertile waterways, in particular Lake Köyceğiz and the rare Giant Loggerhead Turtles’ (Caretta Caretta) nesting grounds at İztuzu Beach. Dalyan’s most famous feature is the magnificent cliff-side ruins of ancient Kaunos. The rock tombs, remaining from 400 BC are sculpted in the form of the porticoes of small Ionic temples. Founded around the 9th century BC, Kaunos became an important Carian city in 400 BC. It was right on the border with the Kingdom of Lycia, and its culture reflects aspects of both Kingdoms.

Lake Bafa and Herakleia

Beautiful Lake Bafa is situated in southwestern Turkey, only a one and half hours drive from Yalikavak.  It was once a gulf of the Aegean Sea, until the Classical period when the sea passage gradually closed by the alluvial mass brought by rivers.

Lake Bafa enjoys several lakeside restaurants along its shore and the ruins of a Byzantine monastery on an islet on the lake just across the beautiful village of Kapikiri. As early as 350 BC near the village of Kapikiri, Herakleia, a Carian settlement, was established at the northeast tip of the lake.

Beaches and Sports

Besides historical and cultural adventures, visiting posh beach clubs, experiencing quiet local beaches where you can relax, or enjoying sports such as diving, golf, tennis, windsurfing, and horseback riding are among the things to do in Yalikavak-Bodrum.  4reasons Hotel is in a very central location with easy access to many beaches and sports, so please contact us even before your arrival so that we can assist you with the arrangement of great beach and/or sports experience.

Explore the Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum peninsula and its beauty have much to offer; you can discover the charming cozy towns of Gundogan, Golturkbuku, Turgutreis, Ortakent and Gumusluk. Visit one of the posh beach clubs or indulge yourself in the forever blue of the immaculate beaches. Try a visit to the abundant amount of Historical Sights or enjoy the local Yalikavak Market on Thursdays. Don’t miss the opportunity to relax with a traditional Turkish bath, (Hamam) or if you wish to indulge yourself to the sun, the daily boat tours are always a favourite.

For a memorable local experience of infinite things to do in Yalikavak-Bodrum and beyond, our staff would be thrilled to assist you in choosing and arranging what to do and where to go in Yalikavak, Bodrum or simply in the Southern Aegean. Just contact us to start your cultural adventure in Yalikavak-Bodrum, Turkey.

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