A Selection of Excursions Around 4reasons

We have worked closely with select local tour companies and have carefully crafted below tours and excursions to your taste. Unique locations, incredibly deep history and culture, married with boutique minded and very capable tour professionals, will surely give you unforgettable experiences and memories. Call us at +90 (252) 385 32 12 or email us to book and find out more.

A day on Bodrum Peninsula

Tour Code: a01

Discover the unique atmosphere that the Bodrum Peninsula still offers where the ancient ruins of Halikarnassos and Myndos are found amid charming fishing villages with whitewashed houses, crystal clear water and a welcoming breeze. We depart from the hotel, drive to the retreat for the rich and famous; Read More

Bodrum City Walking Tour

Tour Code: i09

As we stroll through the narrow streets of Bodrum embellished by the castle of the Knights of St. John, we visit one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum and the ancient city gate of Myndos where Alexander the Great entered the old city. And more hidden stories of Bodrum. Read More

Unknown Bodrum By 4wd

Tour Code: i01

We head off to explore the hidden treasures; pyramid shape graves, 2400 years old monumental tombs so called the “Gebe Kilise” by the locals and 4th. Iced Age Period Dates Palms etc… That you can only reach by 4×4. Read More

Village Tour

Tour Code: i15

We drive through beautiful forests to the village. At the village we are visiting the village mosque, learning about Islam and the Muslims. Then we are visiting traditional village houses and we are having our lunch cooked on a wood fire in one of the village houses. Read More

Turkish Bath

Tour Code: a06

On impulse-why not experience the true Turkish experience while in Bodrum; a Turkish Bath in traditional style in the traditionally designed marble surrounds of a hamam. Work your way from warm, to hot, to enjoyable steam, then have a body scrub, to clean your body. It will never be so clean again! Relax on the warm marble stone. Read More

Private Yacht Tour

Tour Code: a05

“Private boat trip, a must-do in Bodrum, is the ultimate relaxing experience. The opportunity to combine sun, sea and fun is best enjoyed on a Blue Cruise. You can either relax in your bathing suit all day long or try more exciting activities like snorkelling or fishing.” Read More

Stratonikea Tour

Tour Code: i07

Discover Stratonikeia, known as the city of eternal love and gladiators throughout the ages. It was a centre where gladiators were trained, did demonstrations and spent their life after retirement. Read More

Hidden Jewels of Caria

Tour Code: a04

Mylasa, Euromos, Herakleia and Iassos
The present-day town of Milas stands on the foundations of the ancient city of Mylasa, the earliest capital of Caria. Much of the ancient city has been built over, but Roman walls, Byzantine columns and early pre-Ottoman mosques. Read More

Heraklia & Latmos Hiking Tour

Tour Code: i05

We hear the love story of Selene, the Goddess of the Moon when we are walking in the ancient city of Heraklia founded by Lake Bafa and we will be surrounded by the huge rock formations of the Latmos Mountains. Read More

Ephesus Tour

Tour Code: i14

We pick up you from your hotel and head to Ephesus ancient city which is the far best and most visited archaeological site in Turkey with a unique biblical history in early Christianity together with the House of Virgin Mary.  We are visiting Ephesus ancient city with the terrace houses where the rich Ephesians lived. Read More

The Attalids of Pergamon

Tour Code: a12

Pergamon, Asklepion
Pergamon is home to the second-largest library in the ancient world, the steepest Theatre of Anatolia, the monumental Altar of Zeus and the Roman Medical Center ruins of Asklepion, worksite of the great physician, Galen. Read More

The Fabled Trio

Tour Code: a11

Didyma, Miletos and Priene
These three neighbouring ancient sites of ancient Ionia had different historical significance; the port of Priene was the first city with a grid plan; Miletos, a port and one of the greatest and richest of all the Greek cities, was even larger than Ephesus; Read More

Pamukkale Delight

Tour Code: a02

Pamukkale, “Cotton Castle” in English, is quite unique in the world. A one day visit can take you to the site of a wonderful natural phenomenon, as it is one of the places on the “Must See List” for Turkey.  Thermal spring waters still used today have been used since Roman times for their therapeutic powers. Read More

Escape to Knidos

Tour Code: a13

Datça, Knidos
Knidos was one of the ancient cities of Caria. The success on architecture, art and science increased the popularity of the city. The architect of the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria Sostratos lived in Knidos. The best point of the area is the Temple of Aphrodite where you may see both harbours from above.Read More

Vistas of the South Coast

Tour Code: a03

Dalyan, Caunos and Iztuzu Beach
Dalyan was a fishing village, now growing as people discover its charm, set on the riverbanks. The word ‘Dalyan’ means fish traps, which were on the river’s waterways between the vast Köycegiz Lake and the sea. Read More

Green Adventure: Jeep Safari

Tour Code: a07

Feel the warm breeze on your face and the wind in your hair under a cloudless eternally blue sky. Taking you away from the coast to the hills, the jeep safari passes through a wonderful variety of countryside and stops in small villages to take tea with the locals. Going off the beaten track through forests, the jeeps will also visit an unspoiled bay.Read More

Milas & Beçin Castle Tour

Tour Code: i06

We will hike around the ruins of the ancient Leleg city of Pedasa, along paths that have been trodden for centuries, to witness the hidden history amongst trees.The city existed around 3000 years ago in the hills surrounding Bodrum. Read More

Labranda & Alinda Tour

Tour Code: i08

We are visiting Labranda, one of the most interesting sites in Caria. It was never a city but an important religious centre linked with Mylasa by a 14 km Sacred Way. Alinda, one of the ancient city where King Mausolos’s sister Ada had been sent for exile by her younger brother Pixodarus. Read More

Euromus & Iasus Tour

Tour Code: i12

Visiting Euromus, one of the best-preserved temples in Turkey and hidden in olive trees. Like Euromus, Iasus was the very ancient foundation. It has an excellent harbour with the richness of fishing-grounds, and quarries producing a fine red-tinted marble. Read More

Pedasa Hiking Tour

Tour Code: i03

We will hike around the ruins of the ancient Leleg city of Pedasa, along paths that have been trodden for centuries, to witness the hidden history amongst trees. The city existed around 3000 years ago in the hills surrounding Bodrum.Read More

Gerga & Lagina Tour

Tour Code: i13

Gerga is an impressive settlement with 3m tall statues lying on the ground. Its’ mystery still remains if it is a city or sanctuary. After Gerga we are heading to another sacred place, Lagina. The temple at Lagina is one of the few shrines dedicated to Hecate, one of the Anatolian origin deities.Read More

Culinary Tour

Tour Code: i04

Heading to Bodrum, walking through the narrow streets of the town, doing our shopping from the local market (only on market days) or from the greengrocers for our cooking class. Then we will meet our Chef of “Foodrum” Read More

Maritime Museum Tour

Tour Code: i10

We start our day in the shipyards to see how Bodrum’s traditional boats are built. After shipyards, we visit the Maritime Museum and stroll the museum with the Manager of Maritime Museum also and Read More

Wine & Sunset By 4wd

Tour Code: i02

We will visit one of the vineyards on the peninsula, learn about Turkish wines and different grapes then taste the local wines.Read More

Craft Beer Tasting & Beach Tour

Tour Code: i11

As a small town, we have a really good craft beer producer in Bodrum. We will visit ‘’Pablo Bira’’ the brewery and be shown around to understand the process involved. From here we head to a great beach club nearby to enjoy a Pablo beer tasting, some light snacks, and to end the day next to the stunning Aegean Sea.Read More

ATV Tour

Tour Code: a08

Are you ready for an adventure ride on ATV or Buggy? We offer a different fun and tour alternative which will add colour to your Holiday in Bodrum. On a special track located in a 25-hectare pine forest in Bodrum, you can experience ATV and Buggy rides and you can choose one or two-person options and let your stress off. You can choose pictures or have a drink at the cafeteria in the free time.Read More

Get Ready for Challenge: Rafting

Tour Code: a09

The adrenaline rush of rafting along the Dalaman River is unforgettable. The river rises within the Western Taurus Mountains, and it meets the sea between Köyceğiz and Dalaman. The groups enjoy an exciting under the supervision of professional guides who have a high level of experience and knowledge. Read More

Blue Mystery: Scuba Diving

Tour Code: a10

Whether you are newly certified or an advanced diver; an underwater photographer or a computer diver, or want to start scuba diving, we invite you to experience Bodrum with a company that understands your needs and provides the level of customer service you deserve! Read More

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